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Đĩa Peptri
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Đĩa Peptri

The Petri Plates range is large. Indeed GOSSELIN adapt to every needs of its users and propose by the way round plates, squares, contact with or without vents. The advantage of GOSSELIN’s Petri plates is the compatibility with most industrial and non-industrial automatic agar-pouring machines. Petri plates are manufactured under aseptic conditions according to “clean room technology”


GOSSELIN’s commitment :


  • Perfect flatness: to ensure the agar’s constant depth


  • Total transparency which optimises reading by image analysing systems


  • Lightness: thanks to the depth research, we are able to determine the ideal weight of our plates in order to reduce our customers waste disposal costs while still pursuing our objective : to provide high quality plates.


  • Stable Stacking : The staking ring is specially designed to improve the staking of plates and making them more practical to use


  • Class 100 manufacturing environment : Ensures plates have asepsis


  • Retains shape up to 55°C : the quality of the polystyrene used provides plates with a high level of mechanical resistance.


  • Aseptic or sterilized : all plates are ISO 5 (Class 100) aseptic or sterilized, according to the requirements of standards NF 556-01 and NF 552.


  • Product traceability : thanks to the product label on each box, we can retrace each product cycle.


  • Petri plates' raw materials are in compliance with the European directives : absence of heavy metals, food compatibility and EC marking


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