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pH Meter
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pH Meter

Orion 2-Star pH Benchtop Meter

pH Meter for General Purpose Applications 

  • 1,2 or 3 point calibration
  • Simple push button keypad
  • Auto calibration for USA and NIST buffers
  • Order complete kit or meter only
  • 3 year replacement warranty  
Product Detail
The new 2-Star pH Benchtop meter offers ease-of-use with simple three-button operation and is value priced for general purpose pH measurements in the laboratory. Specifically designed for environmental, industrial and educational applications, the Orion 2-Star is a significant upgrade from Thermo Scientific’s Orion 410A+/420A+ meters.
The new meter provides a simple, intuitive user interface with a pullout quick start guide feature while offering up to three-point calibration and auto calibration compatible with NIST and DIN buffers.  A 50 point data log enables time, stability or manual readings with time/date stamp.
The Orion 2-Star benchtop pH meter is value priced for general purpose pH measurements in the laboratory. The meter offers quick reliable pH and temperature measurements with a variety of probe choices to suit specific industrial and educational applications.
Orion 2-Star pH Benchtop Meter
 Package Description
 Kit Cat. No. w/ Stand
 2-Star pH Bentchop Meter only
 Meter and 9165BNWP- Epoxy Sure-Flow® pH electrode
 Meter with 9157BNMD - Refillable epoxy Triode™, pH/ATC
 Meter and 9156AWP - Epoxy body AquaPro pH (gel) electrode
 Meter with 9142BN - Refillable glass pH and 927007MD
 Meter with 9142BN - Refillable glass pH electrode
 Meter with 9145BN - Epoxy gel pH electrode
 Meter with 9107BNMD - Epoxy gel Triode™
 Meter with 9107APMD - Epoxy gel double junction TRIS compatible Triode™

Related Products
Product Name
pH :
Range :
0.000 to 14.999
Resolution :
Relative Accuracy :
Calibration points :
Slope :
80- 120%
Auto Buffer Recognition :
4.01, 7.00, 10.01/ 1.68, 6.86, 9.18, 12.46
Selectable calibration sets :
Yes, USA or EURO
Custom Buffers Accepted :
Temperature :
Range / Resolution :
-5 to 105 C / 0.1 up to 99.9 C, 1.0 over 99.9 C
Relative Accuracy :
±0.1 C
Temperature Compensation :
Auto/ Manual
mV :
Range - mV / RmV :
±1999.9 mV
E autocalibration to standard hydrogen electrode
Resolution :
0.1 mV
Relative Accuracy :
±0.2mV or 0.05%, whichever is greater
Relative mV :
Range :
Resolution :
Relative Accuracy :
±0.2 mV or 0.05% of reading, whichever is greater
Display :
Custom LCD
Inputs :
BNC, ATC mini DIN locking, power
Outputs :
Power :
Universal power adapter and battery power 4X AA batteries
Regulatory and Safety :
CE, CSA, UL, T0V, FCC Class A limits
Environmental Requirements :
5 to 45 º and 85% relative humidity, non-condensingC
Special GLP Software Features :
# of data logging points :
50 points by time, stability or manual read with time and date stamp
Advanced Self-test and Diagnostics :

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