About us

Viet Anh Scientific Co., Ltd is established in February 2001. We are specialized in distribution of scientific and biomedical equipment, reagents for research, diagnostics and quality control including life science research, clinical diagnostics, veterinary, food hygiene, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and environment. We also supply equipment and consumables for Bioprocess In doing so, we enter the distribution agreement with reputable manufacturers in term of product quality and service as well as innovation, their specialists accompany our team to bring high technology products to contribute for the development of science, technique and economics in Vietnam.


ABI – 1 – ProFlex PCR System

The Applied Biosystems™ ProFlex™ PCR System combines flexible confguration and control features to ft how you work today and tomorrow with the reliability you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems™ products. Interchangeable block formats allow you to maximize your throughput or run independent experiments concurrently. The ProFlex PCR System is cloud-enabled, giving you the freedom…

Thermo – 1 – NanoDrop One/OneC

NanoDrop One/NanoDrop OneC Capabilities Wide spectral range (190-850 nm) for measuring a variety of samples types: Peptides (205 nm) DNA and RNA (260 nm) Purified protein (280 nm) Toxicology assays and industrial dyes (490 nm) Gold nanoparticles (520 nm) Colorimetric protein assays (BCA 562 nm, Bradford 595 nm, Modified Lowry 650 nm, Pierce 660 660 nm)…

ADSTEC – Auto Chromosome Stainer HANABI-S1020

Auto Chromosome Stainer is the equipment which is for automatically executing aging and staining processes that are preprocessing of chromosome analysis using the G-banding method. Auto Chromosome Stainer implements  automatically the aging and staining treatment of chromosome specimen slides by setting the glass slides of chromosome metaphase specimens has been deployed to the device. It…

Industry Solution

Steris – 3 – Pharmaceutical-grade VHP system

Compliant with GMP Productivity – Provides continuous high capacity decontamination of large spaces, >20,000ft3, such as clean rooms, production filling line isolators, pass-through chambers, etc. Ease of Use – Can be integrated with building automation systems. Flexibility – Can be conveniently integrated into pass-through chamber or aseptic filling systems or used to decontaminate entire suites or rooms in…

Merck – 25 – Tangential Flow Filter (TFF)

Typical Applications Concentration, desalting or buffer exchange of: • Protein solutions • Polysaccharide solutions • Virus suspensions Harvest, washing or clarification of: • Cell cultures and lysates • Colloidal suspensions • Viral cultures  For research, process development, scale-up and production  Area Filtration: 50cm2; 0.1m2; 0.5m2; 2.5m2  Material: PVDF, PES, Regenerated cellulose,MM_NF-C9184

Merck – 21 – Milli-Q® HX 7000

Milli-Q® HX 7000 series of high-throughput systems have been designed to deliver the highest pure water quality for your regular laboratory applications and instrument feed. Milli-Q® HX 7000 systems offer connected, sustainable central pure water solutions for volume needs up to 9000 L daily, making them the perfect choice for large laboratories or lab buildings. Milli-Q® HX 7000…