Tangential Flow Filtration System

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The Pellicon Mini Cassette Holder is designed to operate one to three modules for total filtration area of 0.1–0.3 m2 for A and C Screen Modules and 0.1–0.2 m2 for V Screen Modules. The simple design makes process development and small scale pharmaceutical manufacturing simple and efficient.


Materials of Construction
Wetted Parts, All Class VI Tested
Manifolds and End-plates 316L stainless steel
Gaskets Silicone
Non-wetted Parts
Base 304 stainless steel
Tie rods, spacers and washers 304 stainless steel
Feet Thermoplastic rubber
Nuts Silicone bronze
Operating Temperature Range, °C 4–50
Note: The holder is autoclavable; the cassettes are not autoclavable
Maximum Operating Pressure, bar (psi) 7 (100)
Width, cm (in.) 11.4 (4.5)
Depth, cm (in.) 14 (5.5)
Weight, kg (lb) 5 (11)
Connections Feed/retentate/permeate 3/4 in. Sanitary Flange
Internal Volumes
Feed and Retentate, mL 5.3
Permeate, mL 6.4


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